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Jun 26, 2017

Dan and Garrett welcome back a Super Crappy old friend, Kevin Lau, to talk about one his favorite movie movies, Last Action Hero. Perhaps ahead of its time as a parody film that also works quite well within the genre it's parodying, a la an Edgar Wright film, Last Action Hero only gets better as Schwarzenegger continues to make movies, further solidifying his brand. Written by Shane Black only 5 years after he created the modern buddy cop film with Lethal Weapon, it's no wonder people weren't ready to see him make fun of himself and his style. But today this movie holds up as a genuinely funny action comedy with plenty of fun, big moments thanks to director John McTiernan, of Die Hard fame.

Join us on July 15th at Milburn Stone Theater for a screening of I Am A Knife With Legs.

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