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Jun 11, 2017

Garrett and Dan took a listener recommendation this week and decided to celebrate the release of Wonder Woman with another female-led action film in the form of Joe Wright's Hanna. Neither of the boys had seen this before and were more than rewarded for trusting the audience - Hanna is stellar and more than earns its place among the great action movies of the last 30 years while never forgetting that it's about a young woman in a violent world. Or phrased another way, it's about women. Complete with one of the best one-take action sequences since Oldboy, Hanna enraptured the Movie Movie boys from start to finish and deserves to sit alongside Wonder Woman as one of the great action heroines.

Join I Like To Movie Movie at The Milburn Stone Theatre in MD on July 15th for a special screening of I Am A Knife With Legs. $5 gets you into the show, a free popcorn, and the opportunity to win some prizes.

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