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Jan 29, 2017

Dan and Garrett are joined by Alex Pearlman, co-creator of the patented Bone Tomahawk Greeting©, to talk about an oft-maligned sci-fi classic of the aughts, Alex Proyas' Knowing (or for you diehards out there, Know1ng). While Proyas' films can be silly and over the top, they wear that on their sleeve and use it to create big, memorable images and explore philosophical concepts made accessible through blockbuster packaging. Knowing is an excellent example of Proyas working double duty to entertain you and open you up to a larger discussion about faith and meaning in the universe. And it certainly doesn't hurt that it happens to a be Nic Cage movie with a particularly Cage-y performance as a Chaos Theory obsessed Professor of Astrophysics with a drinking problem. Seriously - you should see Know1ng.

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