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Aug 21, 2016

Dan and Garrett are joined by Philadelphia-based actress Jenna Kuerzi to discuss one of their all-time favorite Movie Movie's (as chosen by the winner of their first contest!), High Fidelity. This is a film that has helped define the tastes and sensibilities of an entire generation, yet as that generation grows, this movie grows with them. Though Rob is the hero of this story, he's a tragic, foolish hero who, like a broken record, must repeat his mistakes over and over, and take the wrong lessons from them time and time again before truly coming to terms with his own commitment issues. And like Rob, our generation has at times taken the wrong lessons from this movie, a film that demands revisiting every few years so you can reassess it and use it as a guide to reassess yourself. It's truly incredible how relatable this remains, but how much more you will take away from it with each subsequent viewing.

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