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Feb 28, 2016

Dan and Garrett return with guests Pete Steele and Mike Spano. Mike provided the boys with a copy of The Super Cops, a rare and underseen exploitation film from 1974, directed by Gordon Parks, the man who made Shaft. Based on a book about two real New York police officers who were known as "Batman and Robin," and eventually became the inspiration for Starsky and Hutch, the movie wasn't available for a long time, until Edgar Wright petitioned the Warner Archives to release it as he was going into production on Hot Fuzz, which is loosely inspired by elements from The Super Cops. The boys take their time discussing the exceptional talents of Ron Leibman, the absolutely hilarious manner in which The Super Cops run, and the fantastic photography by Parks and his cinematographer, Dick Kratina. And then they ask a very important question in regards to The Super Cops - Is it a satire?

Mike directed Britta Phillips' latest music video which you can find here.

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