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Nov 8, 2015

Garrett and Dan are joined by Alex Pearlman to discuss Bone Tomahawk, the new Western/Horror film from writer and director S. Craig Zahler and starring Kurt Russell among a who's who of character actors. The film is available right now on VOD and we encourage everyone to see it before listening to the show (although we keep it spoiler free for the first 40 minutes or so) as it instantly became one of our favorites of 2015. The script is fantastic (and hilarious), the performances are entertaining and utterly watchable, and the cinematography is gorgeous. It's more Western than Horror, for those that are curious, but when it goes Horror it gets truly horrific. So settle in for a wild ride across some beautiful Western vistas with America's new favorite mustache and then give a listen to I Like to Movie Movie.

December 16th MOVIE MOVIE LIVE! returns to PhilaMOCA for an all STAR WARS Edition.

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