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Aug 9, 2015

Garrett and Dan couldn't be more excited to invite a cavalcade of guests to discuss one of their favorite 2014 Movie Movie's, The Guest. The boys are joined by past and future guest Scott Pagnotti and two of Philly's latest and greatest up and coming comedians, Mekki Leeper and Aaron Abramowitz. As the group digs into the central mystery of The Guest, it becomes increasingly clear that this is one of those perfect mysteries that gives you plenty of details but little explanation allowing for many, justified readings of the film. And we'll give you at least three!

Join us for MOVIE MOVIE LIVE! on Thursday, August 13th at PhilaMOCA (12th and Spring Garden, Philadelphia) beginning at 7:30pm. We're doing an all JASON STATHAM game show as part of GAME SHOW NIGHT @PHILAMOCA, to be followed by Electile Dysfunction at 9:00pm.

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