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Jul 12, 2015

Garrett and Dan return, high off the success of their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY for MOVIE MOVE LIVE, with a guest that has become an integral part to the live show over the course of the year - it's Pete Steele! Pete joins us to discuss a 2015 entry in one of his favorite genres, that of the zombie movie, and one of 2015's more controversial films. Having been reminded of how much we love Schwarzenegger after seeing Terminator: Genisys, we decided to watch Maggie, the zombie-drama he starred in with Abigail Breslin this year that has basically divided audiences directly in half. Where did we come down on it? Tune in and find out! (Can you tune a podcast?)

MOVIE MOVIE LIVE returns to PhilaMOCA on August 13th for an all JASON STATHAM show!

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