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Jul 5, 2015

Garrett and Dan sat down with two very special guests to promote their upcoming MOVIE MOVIE LIVE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY show - Eric Bresler (Director/Curator at PhilaMOCA) and Lil Sean (Director/Writer/Star of Undercover Cops). Eric and Lil Sean have been a part of MOVIE MOVIE LIVE since the beginning, Eric providing us with an incredible space for our show, and Lil Sean providing us with a wealth of Yo Mama jokes when needed (and they are needed). Eric worked with Lil Sean to help him make his own short film, Undercover Cops, which we review in the episode. They also brought along a few pages of the script for the Undercover Cops sequel that we perform together. 

Don't miss MOVE MOVIE LIVE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - JULY 9TH // 7:30PM // $5 // at PhilaMOCA located at 12th and Spring Garden in Philadelphia // Featuring Brian Anthony Wilson (HBO's The Wire), Tommy Avalone (Director of "I Am Santa Claus"), and Dan Angelucci (Director of "Golden Thrones")

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