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Oct 12, 2014

Dan and Garrett are slashing their way through October with a marathon of their favorite horror classics, continuing this week with John Carpetner's Halloween. Joined by Frank Kachenko and Brandon T. Gorin (one of our panelists on this month's Movie Movie Live!), the guys delve into the effectiveness of Carpenter's early filmmaking and try to figure out why horror is such a definitive genre of movie-movie's.

Join Garrett and Dan for their movie trivia game show MOVIE MOVIE LIVE! this Thursday, Oct 16th at PhilaMOCA (12th and Spring Garden, Philadelphia). Starts at 8PM for only $5. Featuring a panel of comedians: Dan Vetrano, Chris McGrail, and Brandon T. Gorin. This month is ALL HORROR MOVIES. Come get spooooky with us.