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Apr 14, 2019

Garrett and Dan are joined by Shoestring Gold Film's Ian Kimble (writer/director of their upcoming feature DEAD GIVEAWAY) to discuss Jordan Peele's latest horror movie, US. The gang go deep underground to discover connections among some of the movie's most talked about imagery while praising the cast and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis. They also discuss their Top 5 movie weapons, in honor of Peele's interesting choice of golden scissors.

DEAD GIVEAWAY premieres in Philly on Friday, May 10th as part of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival at the Gershman L Levitt Auditorium. Get your tickets now.

Please also check out the Kickstarter for SISTER TEMPEST, a new horror movie from writer/director Joe Badon, whose previous feature GOD INSIDE MY EAR was one our favorites at last year's PUFF.

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