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May 30, 2016

Dan and Garrett are joined by Philadelphia comedian Amanda Taylor and special guest Mike Doherty to talk about one of Mike's all-time favorite movie movie's - Point Break. Calling it an "emotional" action movie seems reductive, but that is the secret sauce that future Oscar-winner Kathryn Bigelow brought to this very 90's buddy-cop meets too-deep-undercover tropey, action blockbuster. Her attentiveness to the growing relationship between Utah and Bodie makes the cat-and-mouse chases between the two characters have real weight and stakes that we often don't get in films of this variety. And damn if she doesn't know how to create a striking, lasting image on screen (here's lookin at you facemower).

MOVIE MOVIE LIVE! returns to PhilaMOCA for a GHOSTBUSTERS EDITION on Wed, June 15th, just in time for the new movie. 7:30pm, $5 at the door.

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